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 10th June 2015, Question & Retain (Q&R), a leading Consultancy specialising in data-driven insights, shares its half-year aggregates for client satisfaction among UK PR sector.

 Aggregate data from Q&R shows that active listening and positive action are the driving forces behind increasing client satisfaction rates.

 Taken from a sample of 2000 + clients, overall satisfaction has climbed up 15 percentage points compared to the same time as last year (June 2014)

 Ratings for creativity are up by 14 percentage points and for strategic counsel there is a 9 percentage point hike.

 A happy client is one who is prepared to recommend their agency so unsurprisingly the percentage of respondents selecting  ‘very likely to recommend’ has seen an increase from 59% to 66%.

 The qualitative data collected gives clear pointers to what makes a client give the highest ratings for satisfaction, for example one client said of their agency,

 “Quick to get the messages we needed, to understand the space we operate in and to devise an appropriate strategy. Great people and very responsive”.

 Another said, “Impressed with the ideas, pitching and especially the quality of the writing”.

 Annabel Dunstan, Co-Founder, Q&R said, “The data says it all.  When you put time and effort into genuinely acting on client feedback, you reap the rewards.  We work with a growing number of PR consultancies who are at the top of their game when it comes to putting client satisfaction at the heart of their businesses.  Clear trends are emerging among our clients now, which will enable us to set up a client satisfaction standard for the PR sector.  Watch this space!”.