Listen. Better.

Q&R helps businesses to listen better to clients, employees, stakeholders and members.

We are an insights agency that gathers real time data with an emotionally intelligent approach.

Our Pulse Check goes beyond simply survey software. Our expert consultants help you to construct questions that elicit the most meaningful responses and help you to interpret the data. As a result, you understand what your audience is thinking and feeling.

Pulse Check empowers you with new knowledge that you can use to retain clients and staff, reduce attrition, stimulate new business and growth.





In good company

Our clients include service-led businesses, membership organisations and all sorts of companies, from SMEs through to global brands, blue chip corporates and agencies.

“When I took on the role as Director of Communications at LNER we needed a better way of capturing insights from some of our most important audiences. We also needed a way to benchmark key programme outcomes to create a more robust method for measuring the effectiveness of our communications. The team at Q&R, with their background in internal comms and measuring the employee experience, is well placed to help me get real time data I need. Not only are they very approachable and a delight to work with, but they offer a slick professional service with smart advice and counsel on what questions to ask and valuable insight on what the data is saying.”

Kate McFerran, Communications Director. LNER

“Q&R provided us with great competitor insight and counsel on the questions we should be asking and measuring. Smart, intuitive system which looked good and our team engaged with. Also really helpful to have a follow up session on results.”

Rachel Gilley, Managing Director. Bite Global

“Q&R provided us with great competitor insight and counsel on the questions we should be asking and measuring. Smart, intuitive system which looked good and our team engaged with. Also really helpful to have a follow up session on results.”

Rachel Gilley, Managing Director. Bite Global

“Getting structured feedback through a trusted independent third party like Q&R plays an incredibly important role in the way we manage our client agency relationships.  Every year we do it, we not only celebrate great results but we actually open new opportunities and in rare instances, save relationships. It’s appreciated by our clients and forms the basis for our forward account planning across the agency.”

Andy West, Global Chief Development Officer, Hotwire

"We value our clients enormously and Q&R conducted an independent client satisfaction survey which provided great client insight and has also helped shape some of our team training. Our clients were very comfortable in speaking to such a professional team."

Stephen Pollack, Chief Executive, BECG

"The audit has thrown up so many interesting insights and thoughts of how to move things forward with our clients. We do really appreciate your whole approach, on-going communication and energy throughout the process.  And all your hard–earned years in PR really helped shape some very strong recommendations."

Caroline Kinsley, CEO, Cirkle

"We are really happy with Q&R's service in measuring our client satisfaction  They provide constant updates and pace-keeping and great client insight captured simply".

Justin Shaw, Managing Director, Communications Management

"Intelligent, insightful and a pleasure to work with, the Q&R team has become an essential partner to our agency and are highly recommended."

Ben Casperz, Owner and CEO, Claremont Communications

"AML uses Q&R for timely data, slick reports and useful insight and analysis. As well as being great people to work with, Q&R are pro-active, highly efficient and their experience in the communications sector really helps filter useful information from the background noise. We’ve already recommended Q&R to several of our blue-chip clients and would do the same again."

Tim Lloyd, Managing Director, AML

"Q&R is incredibly supportive and adapts to a changing landscape when it happens in an absolutely no fuss manner. A delight to work with, and so attentive to detail in that continuous and supportive service to us as clients."

Charlene Manil, Careers Team Leader, London College of Fashion, University of Arts London

"For us, the Pulse Check works really well. Q&R gets the balance right: there's plenty of hand holding but also freedom to flex if the business asks us to. I love the fact we have a regular feedback cycle with the employees, and the data is gold dust. We’re able to see what’s working and what isn’t and plan appropriately. And because I always have timely and relevant feedback to hand, I can have more insightful discussions with senior leaders."

Liz Smith, Head of Internal Comms, Elsevier

"Working with the team at Q&R continues to be a thoroughly rewarding and insightful experience. What really sets them apart from the rest is Q&R's intrinsic belief that PR Consultancies can grow faster by "Pulse Checking" their client base regularly and optimising the feedback to drive the referral process. Our best working relationships are characterised by integrity and great chemistry, Q&R ticks both of these boxes time and time again."

Francis Ingham, Director General, PRCA

"Thanks to our successful partnership with Q&R, ICCO are now able to provide valuable real life data to its members in a simple and effective manner."

Rob Morbin, ICCO

"Q&R's Pulse Check and consultancy is a MUST for every business serious about actionable feedback. I was able to get the pulse of my Board and enter our strategic planning equipped with data on all viewpoints resulting in a hugely productive session.  The Pulse Check is a user-friendly tool generating a very high response rate with valuable verbatim comments supporting the quant data.

The Pulse Check was great, but second to the customer focus of the Q&R team. They helped guide me through the process and provided tips resulting in insightful responses  – my expectations were exceeded and nothing was too much trouble. I will be back!"

Johna Burke, Global Managing Director, AMEC

"Q&R has provided FMB with with real time data and insightful consultancy on what our members are thinking and feeling.  Their approach has helped us to listen better to members and critically to take action.  I really value and appreciate the external view Q&R provides"

Brian Berry, Chief Executive Officer, FMB

"Pulse Check has proved to be invaluable to us in our connection with our customers, gaining real-time responses and reactions to our communications as well as understanding more about the customer requirements. We have been able to make significant savings across some of our communications as well as implement new initiatives to reward our customers and support new strategies all based on the Pulse Check results."

Claire Philips, CRM Manager, Suzuki

"It does what it says on the tin! A quick, easy and reliable way to assess views - without needing months of planning as with some typical research options. The team at Q&R are extremely helpful and professional - providing good 1:1 client care throughout."

Anne-Marie Mcconon, Marketing Director, Bank of New York Mellon

"Q&R has helped us deliver seriously good events for our clients and contacts using their Pulse Check tool to gather insightful data and comments from the relevant sector upon which to base pithy debates. Working with Q&R is not only an effective and efficient way to increase our connectivity with our audiences, but it is also a highly enjoyable, dynamic and uplifting experience."

Julian Pike, Partner, Farrer & Co.

"Q&R are great people to work with, they're clever, fun and effective.  Their modern approach to increasing employee engagement, using innovative Pulse Check techniques, quickly gets results - this fits really well with our work recruiting internal communications experts."

Gavin Ellwood, Founder, Ellwood Atfield

“MemNet continues to value its relationship with Q&R, their willingness to help and support our events with Pulse Checks and delivery of engaging conference sessions has really helped enhance our offerings.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Q&R through 2019 and beyond and we thoroughly recommend their services.”

James Jeynes, Founder and Chief Executive, Memnet

"It is a pleasure to work with the Q&R team. Notable qualities are speed of response, creativity and simplicity. Vital in a confusing and over complicated world".

David White, Business Consultant, Newcastle University London

"Q&R provides us with a really useful snapshot in a short time frame, of what our clients are thinking and feeling.  The Pulse Check coupled with proactive hand holding and consultancy throughout the data gathering process has ensured we know who are happiest clients are, where there are areas for improvement and critically to sharpen our focus on taking action as a result."

Karin Van Geelen, Founder and CEO, Yellow Communications

"I met with Q&R at a time when we were looking to up the ante on entering and winning industry awards.  Including metrics in our award entries was an important piece of the puzzle that added significantly to the way we could support our story of delivering excellent client satisfaction with data.  Q&R's team is on the ball when it comes to really understanding how agencies work and what will benefit them.  We see them as a trusted partner in helping us to measure and manage client satisfaction."

Mark Gregory, The PHA Group

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