This month Q&R teamed up with Liam Fitzpatrick, Working Communication to launch our inaugural IC Fight Club. The first event took place at The Gallery, Ellwood Atfield, the recruitment specialists for Internal Communications.

Fight Club opened with Imogen Osborne, co founder, Q&R sharing the results of our Pulse on what was most likely to impact on the future of internal communications.

Four panellists chaired by Liam did battle on a range of subjects including whether IC was a discipline reserved for grown ups, were IC practitioners too reliant on tactics, what drives this comms area to distraction and the convergence of HR and IC.

The audience consisting of over 50 Heads of Internal Communications and change management specialists were able to ‘vote’ using green and red cards held aloft to show their agreement or otherwise with each speaker.

Feedback on the evening was a resounding 85% of respondents saying it was a really good event with some great comments on what people would like to see in addition next time.

For more details on the panel, the result of the Pulse and the discussion points raised please see coverage here, by John Harrington, Deputy Editor, PRWeek – and one of our brave panellists.

Further IC Fight Clubs will be running later this year. For details please follow us @qandr and look out for #ICFightClub.