Every week, we meet with a range of companies and chat to them about the information gaps in their businesses when it comes to understanding the people that matter the most to them. They tell us they want to listen and act on customer, client, employee or member feedback faster and more intelligently than they are currently able. They believe the more nimble they are in dealing with and managing what their customers, clients, employees and members are saying, the faster their businesses or organisations will grow.

And more often than not, what they find out surprises and challenges them and sheds light on what their priorities should be.

After every meeting we have, we Pulse Check™ to see what our prospects and clients thought about our discussion and the concept of applying real-time data to their business decision cycles. Here’s a taster of some of the things that come up:

On challenging the norms of survey techniques – “Felt there was a better way to improve on our survey response rate and get feedback efficiently and more professionally”

On the benefits of instant feedback – “First of all, what what a brilliant follow-up! Really appreciated the conversation and learned so much about an impressive process.”

On how to use the Pulse Check™ – “I love the simplicity of your product and the question that is embedded in the email. That’s clever and smart and I imagine increases response rates because it’s there in front of the respondent.”

On what insight is gained from using the Pulse Check™ – “A very interesting tool that will allow us to understand more about the perceptions and needs of our key stakeholders globally”

On the values of measuring employee sentiment –  “Qualitative measurement of employee sentiment is the holy grail of internal comms and so few companies do it well or consider it important enough for it to be considered key to the delivery of corporate strategy”

The Pulse Check™ can be used in so many different ways and is built and evolving based on regular client feedback. This means everyone who uses it benefits from other people’s great ideas. Our job is to bring all of those ideas to life and build our business around listening to our clients and prospects and giving them a tool they want to use rather than one they have to use.