Excellent debate at this month’s IC Fight Club held at communication recruitment specialists Ellwood Atfield in Westminster, refereed by Liam FitzPatrick and co-hosted by Annabel Dunstan and Imogen Osbornefrom Question & Retain.

Our fantastic ‘contenders’ were Justin Robbins, Communication Director at Pearson, Brittany Golob, Editor of Communicate Magazine and Olivia Gadd, Global Head – People & Culture Strategic Initiatives at Grant Thornton.

Liam, author and Managing Partner at Working Communication Strategies, refereed the evening spectacularly well using the Q&R Pulse Check™ tool results that helped identify thoughts on a few topical internal communication issues including: “Do senior leaders in your business see employee engagement as just a tick box exercise?” and “Do you agree that all this talk about corporate purpose is just internal spin?”

Fight Club III will take place on April 14th 2016.