One of our core beliefs at Q&R is that work life is much more fun when you do it with great people.  To that end we put lots of energy into creating and hosting events that bring together the great and the good from a wide variety of sectors and disciplines to discuss a host of subjects

The idea is that as an attendee you will have an enjoyable experience, you will meet some new people and perhaps reconnect with others that have dropped off your radar and most importantly you will leave having learned something interesting and useful.

Please find below a list of what’s coming up in 2016 and do get in touch if any of the following tickle your fancy:

22nd March 2016: Seven Steps to Client Satisfaction

A masterclass co-hosted with PRCA, aimed at agency heads and senior teams in communications agencies turning over up to £3million.  We will be showing how to cost effectively measure and manage how happy or otherwise your clients are.  You will hear top tips on how to identify latent grumblers and your top ambassadors and what to do to reduce client churn and grow the biz organically. Ben Caspersz, Founder, Claremont Social Communications, will be on hand to share his experiences of what has worked well for his biz.

6th April 2016: The Future of Online Search

Together with Social Media Search, a Norman Broadbent company, we will be looking at how companies are using on line search tools for recruitment.  Suitable for HR directors and Heads of Talent from businesses big and small.  A quick way to brush up your knowledge on what technology and tools are out there to help you secure the best candidates quickly.

14th April 2016: Fight Club III

Another in our series of game show style panel event co hosted with Liam Fitzpatrick, Working Communicaiton and Ellwood Atfield, with leaders in Internal Communications debating a wide range of topics pertinent to the world of IC. This is an interactive experience with audience members encouraged to particpate by voting with green/red cards when our panellists made good or bad points.  Feisty, fun and informative.  

18th May 2016: The Art of the Disruptive Brand – what do they know that we don’t? 

Airbnb, Uber and Zipcar have exploded onto the scene and so this event in conjunction with the PR Network will explore the disruptive nature of these and other brands in the shared economy space.  If you are a Communications or Marketing Director you will have a chance to put questions to our speakers (to be confirmed), all of whom hail from successful companies in this space.  Our chair for the evening event will be Benita Matofska, Founder, CEO, Compare and Share, innovator and social entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in the private and third sectors.

Hope to see you at one or more of the above.