Q&R Pulse Check predicts a ‘Remain’ result 

London June 22nd, 1700 GMT, Question and Retain (Q&R), the online Pulse Check™ company, ran its predictive Pulse asking for views on the outcome of tomorrow’s EU Referendum. 

The single question Pulse Check™ which asked ‘Brexit beckons. Which way do you think it will go and why?’, was sent to 1762 Senior Communications and Management Professionals and personal contacts drawn from Q&R’s LinkedIn community.

The results have so far confirmed a solid prediction that the Remain campaign will win tomorrow’s vote with 60% declaring the UK will choose to stay in the EU due to economic factors.  Intriguingly, 29% of respondents have said the vote is still too close to call.

The Pulse, designed to pull the latest view on which way the vote will go and to reflect the prevailing campaign theme of both sides, gave respondents four options to choose from –

  • 60% said I think we will remain in the EU due to economic factors
  • 10% said I think we will leave the EU because of concerns around immigration
  • 29% said I think it is too close to call
  • 2% said I have no opinion

Interestingly, from the 167 people who have responded to date, the opinions are wide and varied.

Supporting the Remain campaign, one respondent said, “People are starting to think beyond petty personal politics and prejudices and think about the longer term and the greater good of our children and the world as a whole. With all the enormous future challenges coming our way (and that includes massive human migration due to global warming) it is ridiculous to think we would be better off ’going it alone’. The future welfare of all comes from learning how to stand together (and make it work).”

Another respondent who believes the vote is too close to call observed,”I am deeply concerned that the prevailing debate of fear and division has created a paralysis of indecision in the electorate. Neither side have covered themselves with glory. The tone of timing of Osborne’s economic arguments are all rooted in the negative, what will happen if we leave, not the positive – what we get by staying. And frankly the Out campaign under Boris Johnson is laughable with its unfounded facts and elements of deep hatred and division. I think there are large swathes of the electorate who really don’t know what to do….rarely have I been witness to such a shambolic political debate.”

Opting for the leave response another commented “I’m voting IN, but I think the Brexit campaign has been more successful in getting people to vote with their emotions (mostly xenophobia and sentimentalism).”

And finally, one individual didn’t mince their words by declaring, “I am convinced that a Brexit vote will directly tip the uk economy into recession.”