Q&R Pulse Check™ captures ‘unprecedented’ fallout on the back of the EU Referendum

London July 1st 2016, Question and Retain (Q&R), the online Pulse Check™ company, ran its second Pulse asking for views on the fallout post Brexit. 

The single question Pulse Check™ which asked ‘Brexit is born. What do you make of the political turmoil?’, was sent to 1728 Senior Communications and Management Professionals and personal contacts drawn from Q&R’s LinkedIn community.

The results have confirmed that the political fallout has been unprecedented thus far.  That said, 37% claimed that the full impact will become clear in the next three months. 

The Pulse, designed to pull the latest sentiment post Brexit, gave respondents four options to choose from and the results were as follows:

•48% said I think the fallout is unprecedented and we’re only at the beginning of it

•37% said I think we’ll only understand the full impact in the next three months or so

•9% said I think the worst is over and now we need decisive leadership

•7% said ‘None of the above – here’s what I think’

As expected opinions are wide and varied.  As one respondent commented, “The decision is a disaster for the UK and will sadly have negative ramifications for the rest of the EU member states too. The UK has been plunged into unchartered waters with the terrifying prospect of a dangerous, self-serving narcissist at the helm. I see no good coming of this. I am extremely angry with the leave campaign and their pernicious lies. And I’m profoundly disappointed that people either chose to believe those lies and vote leave, or to vote without making the effort to better understand the destructive consequences of leaving.”

Another observed, “I think this is the most significant event in the last 20, possibly more, affecting an entire generation. It seems to me we are a pivotal turning point where anything is possible. Possibly most alarming of all is that it seems that the genie of latent racism is out of the bottle and that makes me wonder what kind of nation I’m part of. Rather than accepting this though, I hope the groundswell of sentiment to remain in the EU will somehow allow us to avoid making the vote legally binding and invoking Article 50.”

In terms of what lies ahead, one participant summed up succinctly, “I think it’s a heartbreaking decision… a combination of a xenophobic reaction to the problem of refugees and migration, and sending a short-sighted, knee-jerking message to an unpopular government. A true Pyrrhic victory.”