Who is it going to be?

Q&R Pulse Check™ heralds prediction for a Clinton win in the US Presidential Election.  

London – November 8th 2016, Question and Retain (Q&R), the online Pulse Check™ company, ran a one question pulse asking for views on the likely outcome of the US Presidential election.

The Pulse Check™ which asked ‘Clinton vs Trump – what’s your prediction’, was sent to c1600 Senior Communications and Management Professionals and personal contacts drawn from Q&R’s UK based LinkedIn community.

The results have confirmed that the likely winner will be Hillary Clinton.  That said, 29% claimed that the outcome of the election is ‘too close to call’. 

The Pulse, designed to pull the latest sentiment on this momentous political battle for leadership, gave respondents four options to choose from and the results were as follows:

  • 58% said  It will be Clinton
  • 11% said it will be Trump
  • 29% said I think it is too close to call
  • 2% said I have no opinion

As expected opinions are wide and varied.  One respondent who believes Trump will win commented, “Because I thought common sense would prevail in the Brexit vote and it turned out that petty grievances and Xenophobia prevailed. My common sense tells me it will be Clinton, my experience tells me the disgruntled will come out in full force to vote Trump…unfortunately. I really hope I’m wrong though!!”

Another observed who believed Clinton will emerge victor, “More in hope than confidence. Trump’s policies of protectionism and making the US an unreliable NATO ally would be massively destabilising for the entire world. He’s a conman, a misogynist and somewhat lacking in tact. And do you want someone with their finger on the trigger of nuclear missiles whose catchphrase is “You’re fired”?

In terms of the election being too close to call, one participant summed up succinctly, “I was listening to the News Quiz last week – one panelist described it as being like choosing between Bridlington and Aleppo as a holiday destination. Bridlington is pretty horrendous and uninspired. But it’s not Aleppo. Some people feel it’s so bad in the US that Aleppo is at least exciting, a risk worth taking for change. But no one knows how many. Maybe it’s like Cameron/Miliband, where the challenger’s chances are overrated. But worryingly, it’s Brexit 2 and people will do anything for a change, however irrational.”

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