London – November 15th 2016, Question and Retain (Q&R), the online Pulse Check™ company, asked senior Agency leads for their views on how media relations is evolving as a discipline given it is faced with stiff competition from the rise of digital media.

The three question Pulse Check™ sent to c800 PR Agency MDs/directors across a four-day time period (1st-4th November 2016) was developed in partnership with PRmoment.

The first question asked how much time is spent on media relations with 41% of Agencies confirming that they spend around half their time on it.  60% of Agencies claim a quarter of their time is spent on influencer-related activity suggesting the battle between media relations and digital is far from over.  While there is clearly a place for influencer activity, it is not, as yet, predominating.

As expected opinions were wide and varied.  One respondent commented, “Media coverage is still seen as a priority by many clients.” with another observing, “Self-published, marketing communications over which the client has more control, has taken over (social media, web articles, newsletters etc.).”

Annabel Dunstan, Co-Founder and Chief Insight Officer at Question & Retain said, “The art of re-inventing yourself as an Agency is an ongoing process but as these results would suggest, there is value in holding onto traditional disciplines.  Sometimes the rush to become the shiny new thing can be distracting when actually what clients want is pure, positive media coverage in the publications that count. The key is to stay alert, keep listening and evolve in synch with what your clients wants.”

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