London 1st December 2016, Question & Retain (Q&R), the online Pulse Check™ company, ran a one question pulse asking for views on the future of Internal Communications (IC).

The Pulse Check™ which asked ‘What does the future hold for Internal Communications’, was sent to c100 Senior Internal Communications leaders.

The results have indicated that IC is still evolving as a discipline with 31% agreeing there is some way to go before IC reaches its peak position.

The Pulse gave respondents four options to choose from and the results were as follows:

13% said the lines are blurring between internal and external communications

38% believe HR andIC are set to merge

31% think IC is still evolving

19% selected ‘none of the above’

One respondent commented, “IC will continue to build value by coaching and advising leaders on how to engage with employees around strategy and change.”  Clearly, the majority favour the imminent merger between IC and HR with another asserting, “Both functions hold the processed and means to attract, retain and engage employees.” and another adding, “The walls are coming down – hurrah!”

Annabel Dunstan, Chief Insight Officer at Question and Retain observed, “IC is the hot topic right now for businesses of all sizes.  And it’s not just iC that is getting people excited.  It is about the whole employee experience and what that means to every generation of employee.  The opportunity is how you bring all these functions and disciplines together to make a credible case for the business to invest further in the new age of employee engagement.”

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