London – December 16th 2016, Question and Retain (Q&R), the online Pulse Check™ company, ran a one question pulse asking for views on the top trend to watch for in 2017.

The Pulse Check™ which asked ‘In 2017, what will be the top trend to watch’, was sent to c1600 Senior Communications and Management Professionals and personal contacts drawn from Q&R’s LinkedIn community.

The results have confirmed that technology e.g. virtual reality and video is likely to prevail as the top trend to watch.  That said, 22% believe that the impact of millennials in the workplace will also have impact.

The Pulse, designed to pull the latest sentiment on the emergent, leading trend in 2017, gave respondents four options to choose from and the results were as follows:

  • 44% said ‘Technology e.g. virtual reality, video’
  • 13% said ‘How companies tackle market segmentation’
  • 22% said ‘Impact of the largest generation in the workplace (millenials)’
  • 21% said ‘None of the above – here’s what I think’

Those answering ‘None of the above’ had some interesting observations to share including:

The impact of the disenfranchised on the world political map following the vote for Brexit in the UK, and the election of Trump in the US,” along with “How companies tune in to making consumers optimistic about the future. The key political events (Trump and Brexit) were driven by a vision of making things better – they also created a feeling of things not being good at present for the people who voted for them.”

Another respondent who observed that Technology is the trend to watch had this to share,

Will be coming to the market in (relatively) affordable variants (£300-£400). Use of AR/VR/MR within work environments will start to become more prevalent as companies find ways to (a) exploit spatial vision and memory and (b) get increased productivity as a result. This combined with AI will be very powerful,” and shared these links:

All in all, the year ahead looks like it will be far from dull.

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