London – February 8th, 2017, Question and Retain (Q&R), the online Pulse Check™ company, ran a one question pulse asking for views on all things Trump.

The Pulse Check™ which asked ‘The Trump era has begun. What do you think will happen next?’ was sent to c1700 Senior Communications and Management Professionals and personal contacts drawn from Q&R’s LinkedIn community.

The results have confirmed the prevailing view that Trump will continue to sign Executive Orders (36%) but 20% believe that the Trump Administration will start to make some major errors. The Pulse, designed to pull the latest sentiment on arguably one of the most controversial figures in recent political history, gave respondents seven options to choose from and the results were as follows:

36% said he will keep on signing Executive Orders to show he is acting on his election promises
12% said he will fire more people in senior public roles and maintain his dictatorship-like mentality
1% said Obama will launch a public campaign offensive against him
20% said the Trump Administration will start to make some major errors
5% said I am over the whole Trump Administration now
23% said all of the above
3% said none of the above.

As expected, the comments were wide and varied. As one respondent put it, “A narcissist does whatever he wants without thought to anyone. They are often psychopathic and should be avoided at all costs,” and another assserting “He is behaving irrationally just like a dictator.” Of the 36%, this observation was made, “Because for his many failings, he’s following through regardless of how sane those promises are.”

Out of those who believe the Trump Administration will start to make some major errors, the following perspective was offered, “The team runs on emotion, ego and ideology. They have no understanding of the global implications of their decisions. Eventually this will come back to bite them, either economically or diplomatically. Unfortunately, I firmly believe the repercussions will be severe and others will suffer before this happens and before the GOP develops principles and fights back. It will take both houses to put a check on him, but hopefully this will happen before it’s too late.”

One respondent summed up succinctly, “Trump appears to be intent on running his administration as he runs his business, based on short-termism and tactics rather than strategy and long-term goals…He isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, no one around him seems prepared to tell him so and he isn’t too bothered about briefings. Sooner or later he is going to come unstuck.”

In terms of what’s next, this comment offered up some insight on the future, I’m not over the Trump era, but I think the way the first 10 days has gone we can expect quick decisions, back-tracking, denials and about turns. It probably pays to not over-react to any Trump statement as it will be changed the next day anyway! I think the environment may be the first ‘biggest’ loser in the Trump era, as the people defending it won’t have the emotional impact on TV as poorer people losing healthcare cover. Also Trump can save money quickly there by slashing the EPA budget.”

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