Industry Associations favour regular engagement and prioritising the overall membership experience for keeping members happy

3rd March 2017, Q&R, the online Pulse Check™ company, today shared the results of its Industry Associations Pulse Check™.  The Pulse Check™ which asked 400 Trade Associations what was keeping them awake at night, showed the overall membership experience and engagement were top priorities (53% combined) for those who responded.

Interestingly, 24% of those pulsed said a combination of engagement, member acquisition, impact of Brexit, overall membership experience and membership retention were very much top of mind.  In terms of member engagement, one respondent had this perspective to offer, “We have spent a significant amount of effort on the acquistion.  Our engagement rates are low.  I believe once we have a handle on engagement, then retention and future acquisition will fall in line.”

The impact of Brexit also drew the following observation, “Still very concerned that the real impact of Brexit has yet be seen and the rise in prices with downward pressure on wages will lead to a significant slow down and possibly recession in the medium term.  My industry is not a significant manufacturing sector and it will take inward investment to change that which seems unlikely.  Further political turmoil in Europe is a major concern and the implications of a broken EU.”

The breakdown of results were as follows:

Q: What is keeping you awake at night?

  • 29% said keeping our members happy and engaged
  • 6% said bringing in new members
  • 6% said the impact of Brexit and beyond
  • 0%s said lobbying and upcoming legislation
  • 24% said the overall membership experience
  • 6% said membership retention
  • 24% said some or all of the above
  • 6% said none of the above, here’s what I think

The single question Pulse ran from 16th – 27th February 2017.

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