Q&R Happiness Pulse Check™shows being valued and supported at work is biggest motivator for happiness.

London – April 6th, 2017, Question and Retain (Q&R), the online Pulse Check™ company, ran a one question pulse asking c3000 senior professionals for their view on what is the most important factor to drive happiness in the workplace.  

The results confirmed that feeling valued and supported is at the top of the tree earning 40% of the vote and just under one fifth opted for the intellectual challenge.  Interestingly, only 12% said pay and benefits ticked their box.

The Pulse, designed to take a snapshot of current sentiment driving happiness in the work place, captured these results:

Q: What is the most important factor that makes you happy in your work?

  • 12% said pay and benefits
  • 40% said feeling valued and supported
  • 3% said promotion possibilities
  • 5% said working for a brand/company I admire
  • 6% said the opportunity to prove myself
  • 7% said peer and team recognition
  • 19% said the intellectual challenge
  • 7% said none of the above.

As expected, the comments were enlightening.  As one respondent commented, who selected feeling valued and supported, “There is nothing worse that working in an environment where your contribution is not valued.  It’s soul destroying, affects confidence levels and eventually (your) health.”

Out of those who are more drawn to the intellectual challenge, one respondent observed, “Because in the end, if it doesn’t engage the mind and the imagination, what’s the point?”

Disappointingly, for brand marketeers, the news is bleaker with only 5% claiming they are made happy by working for a brand or company they admire.  One respondent remarked, “You can only change the world if you are lined up with the organisations you work with.  Or if you can see the gaps and are passionate about closing them.”

Annabel Dunstan, Co-Founder, Q&R summed up as follows, “The Pulse highlights a home truth in terms of emotional wellbeing outweighing the financial benefits as a key driver of happiness in the workplace . This seems to reflect the wider agenda on mental health issues we are seeing in the mainstream media on an increasingly frequent basis.  Next quarter we will be asking the same group of people to rate how much their company strives for a happy working environment.  This is bound to throw up some intriguing insights.”

About Q&R:

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