November 2017: Question and Retain (Q&R) in partnership with Integrated Resources, hosted a round table on Personal Branding at the Ellwood Atfield Gallery, Smith Square, London.


  • Allison Pearson, newspaper journalist and author of ’How does she do it?’ and, most recently, ’How hard can it be?’
  • Dr. Rosemary Leonard MBE, GP, resident doctor on BBC Breakfast and medical journalist, author ’Menopause: The Answers’
  • Jenny Burns, Director of Brand and Customer Experience, Just
  • Imogen Osborne, Co-Founder, Q&R, Pulse Check Research Insight

The panel was chaired by Claire Vane, Managing Director, Integrated Resources.

Ahead of the event, Q&R conducted a Pulse Check among c200 senior leaders in IC/communications and the results are shown below.

Discussion topic highlights:

  • It is important to control one’s own brand and be consistent with its values (Dr Rosemary Leonard)
  • You need only three ingredients to build a successful personal brand combined with a good dollop of story-telling (Jenny Burns):
    1. Decide what you are really good at
    2. Identify your passion
    3. Determine what drives you
  • Be authentic and find common ground where you can relate to other people (Allison Pearson)

“The definition of what makes a good personal brand is complex. While our Pulse Check data shows there is clearly a desire by many to nurture a strong personal brand, not all businesses are ready for it. There is a fine line between what can be seen as personal aggrandisement and behaving in a way that really does make a difference to how a company is perceived. In this very transparent world that we live in, the dynamic between the two must be right – and the key is making it so is always to be authentic,” concluded Imogen Osborne.


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