Increasingly we are asked by our clients to provide Pulse Check services for their clients. Over the last eight years we have become a trusted partner and established a name for measuring and managing client and employee satisfaction or experience. Known for delivering actionable data in a short time frame with an emphasis on growth and retention, we are now applying that across a wide range of sectors from manufacturing (glassware and denim) through to financial services (banks and insurance companies), to food and drink and education.

The thread that runs through all of Q&R’s work is that we encourage leaders to listen better. Our belief is that by truly listening and hearing what stakeholders are thinking and feeling, positive change can be made.

To that end I share our top dozen quotes about the skill of listening and so do please enjoy, reflect and share…

  1. One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say. Bryant H. McGill
  2. If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk. Robert Baden-Powell
  3. Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand. Karl A. Menniger
  4. Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking. Bernard Baruch
  5. Listening is being able to be changed by the other person. Alan Alda
  6. There is as much wisdom in listening as there is in speaking–and that goes for all relationships, not just romantic ones. Daniel Dae Kim
  7. The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said. Peter Drucker
  8. When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. Ernest Hemingway
  9. Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. Stephen R. Covey
  10. Friends are those rare people who ask how we are, and then wait to hear the answer. Ed Cunningham
  11. You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time. M. Scott Peck
  12.  We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less. Diogenes