We are living in extraordinary times.  Business leaders need to be fleet of foot to adapt to the new world we find ourselves in. Looking for the positives in all of this may seem hard, but those businesses that see coronavirus as a catalyst for change could well emerge stronger and fitter in time.  It is time to innovate, to think differently, to get creative, to harness technology and to unite teams, albeit virtually.  We have talked to a number of business leaders over the last few days and pulled together a check list of what they are doing combined with our thoughts on how to stay on track.  The links below are also packed with useful information that may answer some of the questions that are coming up for you.

1. Call a virtual war cabinet with all levels of your team including junior to C-Suite

2. Make a plan to cover all perceived risks and threats to your business

3. Communicate the plan clearly with your team, clients/customers/members and stakeholders

4. Monitor news updates and ask for feedback from your team on what is working and where there are cracks in the plan

5. Update the plan as events unfold on a daily basis – test, review and refine

6. Think about health and wealth in that order

7. Do not be afraid to ask for help and likewise offer support where you can

8. Look after your mental health in order to continue to do steps 1-7 on repeat

We have identified the following useful resources and so do scour the links for all help and support that may be available to you and your team.

WHO Latest Updates and Guidance

UK Government Response

GOV.UK – Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance

British Chambers of Commerce Coronavirus Guidance and Support

FSB – Advice and guidance for small businesses and the self-employed

Stay well and share if this has helped.