Q&R offering free Pulse Checks: how is your team REALLY doing wfh?

With the spread of coronavirus, many employees may be working from home for the first time, and while managing teams remotely poses its own unique set of challenges, so does managing teams during a pandemic. Stress and anxiety levels are high. This is not a normal remote working situation. 

We have heard stories of five people sharing a sixth-floor flat all trying to jostle for space and peace whilst working around the kitchen table. And countless tales of people trying to juggle home life whilst attempting to focus on work.

It’s not your job as a leader to be everyone’s therapist (though if your company has mental health benefits, especially ones involving telemedicine or mental health apps, now is a good time to remind everyone of them), but you should be available to listen to your team’s needs and make changes accordingly. 

Our belief is that you need to be more intentional than you’ve been before. To that end Q&R has devised a set of eight Pulse Check questions designed specifically to ask your temporarily remote team members how they are feeling right now and what they may need to support them better, in order to help them stay on top of challenges your organisation might be facing.

The Pulse Check is an email-based tool that helps leadership teams to quickly understand what their employees are thinking and feeling as they adjust (or not) to the new normal of lockdown and restricted travel during Covid-19. 

The Pulse Check is available free of charge to the first 20 owners or leaders of independent agencies or SMEs that register interest.

Please register your interest as soon as possible by contacting Nicki Marotta, business manager, at nicki@questionandretain.co.uk

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