With all the buzzwords/phrases doing the rounds, from lockdown, wfh, furlough to new world, new order, midst the unprecedented global pandemic et al, it was refreshing to stop and take stock. What does this all mean for leaders and leadership?

This month, I had the great privilege of moderating Mind Environment’s first online Leadership Forum in which they hosted a global conversation between leaders who wanted to explore their journeys in light of the myriad challenges emerging in 2020.

Senior leaders from a range of backgrounds, including: tech, management consultancy, customer experience, leadership development, comms, marketing, wellbeing, PR, policy and
HR threw caution to the wind and joined us to open up about how they were feeling and
how they were weighing up their purpose at this time. Fascinating stuff. Chatham House Rule prevailed, naturally. But this thought leadership piece by Tom Cotton, Founder and Programme Director, Mind Environment shares some of the themes which I am sure will resonate. Enjoy.