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Our latest interview – Membership in the time of Covid-19: harnessing the positives – is with Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive, Institute of Internal Communication.

The Covid-19 pandemic kicked in a year ago this month. We hear from Jennifer how the world of internal communicators was affected with a focus on the positives that may well endure and benefit the IC community in years to come. Previously viewed by many c-suite execs as activators, their role quickly became one of strategic advisor – how to manage and motivate work forces now working from home or furloughed? How to deploy and encourage uptake of new digital technologies to ensure business continuity?

We asked:

  • What was your initial reaction to COVID-19 and how did you feel?
  • What worked well and what did not?
  • How have your members reacted to the changes you implemented?
  • How has the role of the internal communicator changed?
  • How can you continue to drive membership and deliver benefit to members when opportunities to meet in real life are limited for the foreseeable?
  • How would you say your leadership style has evolved, if at all, over the last year?
  • What is coming up for IOIC in 2021?

Q&R founder and CEO, Annabel Dunstan, has been interviewing business leaders. She has sought to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on a range of organisations with an initial focus on membership and trade associations. Click on the link below to hear interviews with Francis Ingham, PRCA, Ian Wright, FDF and Sarah Poulter, CIWM.

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Jennifer is responsible for the leadership of IoIC, the only independent professional body solely dedicated to internal communication. IoIC is the voice of internal communication, setting standards for more than 70 years through qualifications, career development, thought leadership and best practice. Prior to joining IoIC, Jennifer has worked for over 15 years in professional associations, most recently as Strategic Marketing & Sales Director at the Market Research Society, developing and leading on activities across marketing communications (both internal & external), careers, membership, professional development and publishing.