This month’s Listen.Better interview is with Jules Herd, Managing Director at Five in a Boat and Chair PRCA’s PR and Communications Council.

It was fascinating to hear more about how the music tech sector has been affected by the pandemic and how Jules and her team pivoted and adapted client services to support their client base.

We asked:

  • Can you summarise how you as an agency leader responded to the pandemic?  
  • Can you share some of the issues your clients in the music tech sector experience and how did they adapt?
  • How do you see the future of the music industry?
  • How do companies that may have pivoted their offer to offer more digital services get cut through to promote themselves in a crowded marketplace?
  • How has the Covid-19 pandemic shaped/changed you as a leader?
  • What will good look like for the PR and Comms Council in the coming year?
  • What keeps you motivated and inspired?


With 20+ years in the industry, and as the former Global VP of Comms for both HTC and Deezer, Jules is a seasoned brand communications expert who quickly gets to the heart of what a company needs to deliver business growth. Working for a range of different companies over the years including Microsoft, AMD, Disney and Haagen-Dazs both in house and agency side, Jules now runs her own consultancy Five in a Boat. Focusing on transformative tech brands that sit predominantly in the scale-up space, Jules is focused on taking clients their next stage of growth and in helping them positively shape their future. She is also the Chair of the Public Relations & Communications Association Council (CMPRCA).

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