Our latest Listen.Better interview – What makes Wadds Tick? – is with Stephen Waddington, Professional Advisor, Professor and Author Wadds Inc.

Such a pleasure to spend some time with this PR industry giant who has definitely been there, seen it, done it and got the Tee-shirt.  I just scratched the surface of the many facets of his professional life but I hope you enjoy this 20 minute romp through his approach and what has shaped him.

We asked:

Q1. Who have been the major influences in your life?  How so?

Q2. How did you respond to the pandemic and what has it taught you?

Q3. Wadds Inc manifesto seems to be based on a number of life lessons – would you say that is true and if so which of the eight most resonates right now?  

Q4. How would you describe your approach to leadership and what have been your highlights and lowlights?

Q5. What advice would you have given your younger 18 year old self?


Stephen Waddington is a business advisor who helps agencies and communication teams make better decisions. He is a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University and PhD research student at Leeds Business School.

Stephen has founded and led agencies including Ketchum, Metia, Rainier PR and Speed. He is a former President of the CIPR and the author of several books on public relations theory and practice including Exploring PR and Management Communication.

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