Our latest interview – The end of life planning business:– is with Jane Duncan Rogers, Trainer, Life Coach and Public Speaker, Before I Go Solutions (BIGS).

It’s not often I get to talk about death in my work life and so a fascinating delve into something that is guaranteed to affect 100% of us.  Jane has a wonderful lightness of touch when it comes to talking about what is traditionally and culturally a challenging topic. What was particularly interesting was to hear how her organisation, BIGS, is helping employers to better understand the impact of grief and how employees’ performance and mental health can suffer and is exacerbated when there has been a lack of end of life planning by the deceased and those around them. This is important stuff. Please do take 15 mins to learn more.

We asked:

Q1. Tell me a little about what BIGS is and what inspired you to set up BIGS and why in particular did you opt for it to be a Social Enterprise?

Q2. What is the problem your biz can address? (Tell me more about impact of grief on employees).

Q3. How has the pandemic with the daily news reports of death tolls impacted on your business?

Q4. What have you learned in the last few years since launching the biz in 2016?

Q5. What would good look like in say 5-10 years in terms of the size of your organisation, and the way in which people approach end of life planning in general?

Q6. What advice would you have given your 18 year old self?


Jane was devastated when her husband died – this was not in their plans. Her greatest fear had come true, she was on her own again at age 54. However, little did she know that 3 years on she would have published a book called Gifted By Grief. How could she be gifted by this terrible loss? And yet she was – and that has led her directly to what she does now. Her background of 25 years in the coaching & training field has been perfect for the social enterprise she founded in 2016, Before I Go Solutions®. Together with her team of internationally-based End of Life Planning Facilitators, she offers products and programmes to help people complete their end of life plans, enabling healthy grief to take place, and time and money to be saved by the relatives.

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